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2014 Mortgage REIT Day – October 1, 2014

AGNC: The Value Proposition

Gary Kain
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Understanding Our Risk Management Philosophy

Peter Federico
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External Panel: MBS and Housing within the Broader Fixed Income Landscape

Mortgages: The Big Picture*
Chris Flanagan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
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US Housing Outlook
Marty Young, Goldman Sachs

Focus on Agency MBS
Vipul Jain, Morgan Stanley
US Economic Outlook
Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs
Internal Panel: A Deep Dive into Financing and Dollar Rolls
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Financing Summary
Peter Federico

The Tradeoff Between Specified Pools and Dollar Rolls
Chris Kuehl

Accounting Treatment and Tax Implications of Dollar Rolls
Bernie Bell
What Does the Future Hold for AGNC and MTGE

Gary Kain
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