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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2012
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termination. These provisions may increase the effective cost to us of electing to not renew the management agreement.
Our Manager's management fee is based on the amount of our Equity and is payable regardless of our performance.
Our Manager is entitled to receive a monthly management fee from us that is based on the amount of our Equity (as defined in our management agreement), regardless of the performance of our investment portfolio. For example, we would pay our Manager a management fee for a specific period even if we experienced a net loss during the same period. The amount of the monthly management fee is equal to one-twelfth of 1.25% of our Equity and therefore is only increased by increases in our Equity. Increases to our Equity will primarily result from equity issuances, which could result in a conflict of interest between our Manager and our stockholders with respect to the timing and terms of our equity issuances. While our stockholders bear the risk of our future equity issuances reducing the price of our common stock and diluting the value of their stock holdings in us, the compensation payable to our Manager will increase as a result of future issuances of our equity securities. Our Manager's entitlement to substantial nonperformance-based compensation may reduce its incentive to devote sufficient time and effort to seeking investments that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investment portfolio. This in turn could harm our ability to make distributions to our stockholders and the market price of our common stock.
Our Manager's liability is limited under the management agreement, and we have agreed to indemnify our Manager against certain liabilities.
The management agreement provides that our Manager will not assume any responsibility other than to provide the services specified in the management agreement. The agreement further provides that our Manager is not responsible for any action of our Board of Directors in following or declining to follow its advice or recommendations. In addition, our Manager and its respective affiliates, managers, officers, directors, employees and members will be held harmless from, and indemnified by us against, certain liabilities on customary terms.
Our results are dependent upon the efforts of our Manager.
Our Manager's success, which is largely determinative of our own success, depends on many factors, including the availability of attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities that satisfy our targeted investment strategies and then identifying and consummating them on favorable terms, the level and volatility of interest rates, its ability to access on our behalf short-term and long-term financing on favorable terms and conditions in the financial markets, real estate market and the economy, as to which no assurances can be given. In addition, our Manager may face substantial competition for attractive investment opportunities. Our Manager may not be able to successfully cause us to make investments with attractive risk-adjusted returns.
Risks Related to Our Business Structure
Loss of our exemption from regulation pursuant to the Investment Company Act would adversely affect us.
We conduct our business so as not to become regulated as an investment company under the Investment Company Act in reliance on the exemption provided by Section 3(c)(5)(C) of the Investment Company Act. Section 3(c)(5)(C), as interpreted by the staff of the SEC, requires that: (i) at least 55% of our investment portfolio consist of “mortgages and other liens on and interest in real estate,” or “qualifying real estate interests,” and (ii) at least 80% of our investment portfolio consist of qualifying real estate interests plus “real estate-related assets.”
In satisfying this 55% requirement, based on pronouncements of the SEC staff, we treat agency securities issued with respect to an underlying pool of mortgage loans in which we hold all of the certificates issued by a pool, or a “whole pool”, as qualifying real estate interests. However, if the SEC determines that any of these securities are not qualifying interests in real estate or real estate-related assets, adopts a contrary interpretation with respect to these securities or otherwise believes we do not satisfy the above exceptions or changes its interpretation of the above exceptions, we could be required to restructure our activities or sell certain of our assets. We may be required at times to adopt less efficient methods of financing certain of our mortgage related investments and we may be precluded from acquiring certain types of higher yielding securities. The net effect of these factors would be to lower our net interest income. If we fail to qualify for an exemption from registration as an investment company or an exclusion from the definition of an investment company, our ability to use leverage would be substantially reduced. Our business will be materially and adversely affected if we fail to qualify for this exemption from regulation pursuant to the Investment Company Act.
The SEC recently solicited public comment on a wide range of issues relating to Section 3(c)(5)(C), including the nature of the assets that qualify for purposes of the exemption and whether mortgage REITs should be regulated in a manner similar to investment companies. There can be no assurance that the laws and regulations governing the Investment Company Act status of REITs, including the guidance of the Division of Investment Management of the SEC regarding this exemption, will not change in a manner that adversely affects our operations. If we or our subsidiaries fail to maintain an exception or exemption from the


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