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AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form DEFA14A on 04/09/2019
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Enhanced 2018 and 2019 Annual Incentives The Compensation Committee implemented key changes to the annual incentive structure, including simplification of the Corporate Scorecard and increased transparency around goal setting and rigor 2018 2019 3 components: 2 components: Scorecard Financial Metrics (65%) Financial Metrics (75%) Components Strategic and Operational Objectives (25%) Strategic and Operational Objectives (25%) MTGE Manager Corporate Objectives (10%) 4 metrics totaling 65%: 3 metrics totaling 75%: Absolute Economic Return Absolute Economic Return Financial Economic Return vs. Peer Index Economic Return vs. Peer Index Metrics Price-to-Tangible Book Ratio vs. Peer Index Price-to-Tangible Book Ratio vs. Peer Index Net Operating Expense Ratio Metrics evenly weighted Increased Disclosure of Target Setting Progress: The Compensation Committee sets goals for each metric at the beginning of each year based on a number of factors, including evaluation of historic performance and expectation of future performance Evaluation includes a review of back-testing over a multi-year period and a forecast for each year Based on this process, the Committee increased the rigor of select targets 2018 2019 • Relative Price-to-Tangible Book threshold, target, and • Relative Price-to-Tangible Book Ratio target increased to outperformance levels increased by 2.5% each 3.5% from 2.5%; threshold and outperformance levels increased and expanded to (6.5%) and 11.0%, respectively, • Increased rigor of the Operating Expense Measure in light of compared to (4.5%) and 7.5% in 2018 2017 results and anticipated operating expenses for 2018 • Relative Economic Return Metric range expanded, with threshold and outperformance levels set at (6.0%) and 4.5% compared to (5.0%) and 3.0%, respectively, in 2018 8

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