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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form DEFA14A on 04/09/2019
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AGNC At a Glance AGNC provides significant support to the U.S. housing market through its $91.6 billion investment portfolio of mortgage securities Structure and Investment Strategy Stock Ticker Nasdaq: AGNC ✓ AGNC is an internally-managed mortgage REIT incorporated in Delaware Headquarters Bethesda, MD ✓ AGNC seeks to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns over a wide range of market scenarios through IPO Date May 2008 monthly dividends and tangible net asset value accretion, while maintaining the lowest operating cost structure among residential mortgage REITs Internalization July 2016 Investment Focus # Employees 56* ✓ AGNC invests primarily in Agency residential mortgage- backed securities (“MBS”) guaranteed by a U.S. Government- Total Portfolio $91.6 Billion* sponsored entity, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or a U.S. Government agency, such as Ginnie Mae ✓ Market Cap $9.3 Billion* AGNC may also invest in other types of mortgage and mortgage-related securities, such as credit risk transfer (“CRT”) securities and non-Agency residential and commercial MBS, Dividend Yield 12.3%* or in other investments in, or related to, the housing, mortgage, or real estate markets * All data points are as of December 31, 2018. 3

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