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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form 10-Q on 08/06/2018
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Examples of situations that could be perceived as conflicts of interest and should be avoided include:
Conducting AGNC’s business with a company owned, partially owned or controlled by you or a member of your family;
Ownership of more than one percent of the stock of a company that competes or does business with AGNC (other than indirect ownership as a result of owning a widely-held mutual fund);
Working as an employee or a consultant for a competitor, regulatory government entity, investment company or supplier of AGNC (other than as part of your AGNC employment);
Doing any work for a third party that may adversely affect your performance or judgment on the job or diminish your ability to devote the necessary time and attention to your duties; and
Appropriating or diverting to yourself or others any business opportunity or idea in which AGNC might have an interest.
These situations (and others like them), where your loyalties to AGNC could be compromised, must be avoided. If you believe that you are involved in a potential conflict of interest, we expect you to discuss it with your supervisor or the Chief Compliance Officer. If a conflict is determined to exist, you must disengage from the conflict situation or terminate your employment.
You are responsible for the proper use of AGNC’s physical resources and property, as well as its proprietary information.
Our offices, equipment, supplies and other resources may not be used for activities that are not related to your employment with AGNC, except for any activities that have been approved in writing in advance by us, or for personal usage that is minor in amount and reasonable. If you are found to be engaging in, or attempting, theft of any AGNC property, including documents, equipment, intellectual property, personal property of other employees, cash or any other items of value, you may be subject to immediate termination of your employment or contract and possible criminal proceedings. We expect you to report any theft or attempted theft to your supervisor or the Chief Compliance Officer.
Proprietary words, slogans, symbols, logos or other devices used to identify AGNC and its proprietary methods and services are important business tools and valuable assets, which require care in their use and treatment. You may not negotiate or enter into any agreement respecting AGNC’s trademarks, service marks or logos without first consulting a member of our Legal team. We also respect the intellectual property rights of others. Thus, using the trademark or service mark of, or referencing for marketing purposes, another company (even one with whom AGNC has a business relationship), requires clearance or approval by our Legal team, to determine whether the use of that other company’s mark is proper. You should avoid the unauthorized use of copyrighted or patented materials of others and should ask a member of the Legal team if you have any questions regarding the permissibility of photocopying, excerpting, electronically copying or otherwise using copyrighted or patented materials. In addition, simply because material is available for copying (such as content or images downloaded from the internet) does not mean that it is automatically legal or permissible to copy or distribute.
You may not offer money, gifts or other items or services of value to anyone with whom we do business or potentially would do business for the purpose of securing an investment opportunity or contract or obtaining favorable treatment. Business-connected favors or gifts may not be extended unless they:
Are consistent with customary business practices;

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