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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form 10-K on 02/26/2018
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(b)Grantee shall have no rights of ownership in the shares of Common Stock underlying the RSUs and no right to vote the shares of Common Stock underlying the RSUs until the date on which the shares of Common Stock underlying the RSUs are issued or transferred to Grantee pursuant to Section 7 hereof.
(c)The obligations of the Company under this Agreement will be merely that of an unfunded and unsecured promise of the Company to deliver shares of Common Stock or pay cash in the future, and the rights of Grantee will be no greater than that of an unsecured general creditor. No assets of the Company will be held or set aside as security for the obligations of the Company under this Agreement.
9.No Right to Future Awards or Employment. The grant of the RSUs under this Agreement to Grantee is a voluntary, discretionary award being made on a one-time basis and it does not constitute a commitment to make any future awards. The grant of the RSUs and any payments made hereunder will not be considered salary or other compensation for purposes of any severance pay or similar allowance, except as otherwise required by law. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall confer upon Grantee any right to remain in continuous service with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, nor limit or affect in any manner the right of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries to terminate the continuous service or adjust the compensation of Grantee. Neither this Agreement nor any other action taken in connection herewith shall constitute or be evidence of any agreement or understanding, express or implied, that Grantee is an employee of the Company or any subsidiary of the Company.
10.Adjustments. The number of shares of Common Stock issuable for each RSU and the other terms and conditions of the grant evidenced by this Agreement are subject to adjustment as provided in Section 11 of the Plan.
11.Withholding Taxes. By signing this Agreement, Grantee represents that he or she has reviewed with his or her own tax advisors the federal, state, local and foreign tax consequences of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and that he or she is relying solely on such advisors and not on any statements or representations of the Company or any of its agents. Grantee understands and agrees that he or she (and not the Company) shall be responsible for any tax liability that may arise as a result of the transaction contemplated by this Agreement, to the extent Grantee does not become an employee of the Company.
12.Compliance With Law. The Company shall make reasonable efforts to comply with all applicable federal and state securities laws; provided, however, notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan and this Agreement, the Company shall not be obligated to issue any of the shares of Common Stock pursuant to this Agreement if the issuance thereof would result in a violation of any such law.
13.Amendments. Any amendment to the Plan shall be deemed to be an amendment to this Agreement to the extent that the amendment is applicable hereto; provided, however, that (a) no amendment shall adversely affect the rights of Grantee under this Agreement without Grantee’s written consent and (b) Grantee’s consent shall not be required to an amendment that is deemed necessary by the Company to ensure exemption from or compliance with Section 409A of the Code.
14.Severability. In the event that one or more of the provisions of this Agreement shall be invalidated for any reason by a court of competent jurisdiction, any provision so invalidated shall be deemed to be separable from the other provisions hereof, and the remaining provisions hereof shall continue to be valid and fully enforceable.
15.Relation to Plan. This Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan. To the extent not expressly set forth in this Agreement, the terms of the Plan shall govern.
16.Acknowledgement. Grantee acknowledges that Grantee (a) has received a copy of the Plan, (b) has had an opportunity to review the terms of this Agreement and the Plan, (c) understands the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Plan and (d) agrees to such terms and conditions.
17.Successors and Assigns. Without limiting Section 3 hereof, the provisions of this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of, and be binding upon, the successors, administrators, heirs, legal representatives and assigns of Grantee, and the successors and assigns of the Company.
18.Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal substantive laws of the State of Delaware, without giving effect to any principle of law that would result in the application of the law of any other jurisdiction.
19.Notices. Any notice to the Company provided for herein shall be in writing (including electronically) to the Company, marked Attention: General Counsel, and any notice to Grantee shall be addressed to Grantee at Grantee’s address on file with the Company at the time of such notice. Except as otherwise provided herein, any written notice shall be deemed to be duly given if and when delivered personally or deposited in the United States mail, postage and fees prepaid, and addressed as aforesaid. Any party may change the address to which notices are to be given hereunder by written notice to the other party as herein specified (provided that for this purpose any mailed notice shall be deemed given on the third business day following deposit of the same in the United States mail).
20.Electronic Delivery. The Company may, in its sole discretion, deliver any documents related to the RSUs and Grantee’s participation in the Plan, or future awards that may be granted under the Plan, by electronic means. Grantee hereby consents to receive such documents by electronic delivery and, if requested, agrees to participate in the Plan through an online or electronic system established and maintained by the Company or another third party designated by the Company.
21.Section 409A of the Code. To the extent applicable, it is intended that this Agreement and the Plan comply with or be exempt from the provisions of Section 409A of the Code. This Agreement and the Plan shall be administered in a manner

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