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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2017
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swaps and swaptions to help manage our funding cost on our investments in the event that interest rates rise.  These swaps (or swaptions) allow us to reduce our funding exposure on the notional amount of the swap for a specified period of time by establishing a fixed rate to pay in exchange for receiving a floating rate that generally tracks our financing costs under our funding liabilities.
However, if prepayment rates decrease in a rising interest rate environment, the average life or duration of our fixed rate assets generally extends. This could have a negative impact on our results from operations, as our interest rate swap maturities are fixed and will, therefore, cover a smaller percentage of our funding exposure on our mortgage assets to the extent that their average lives increase due to slower prepayments. This situation may also cause the market value of our fixed rate securities to decline by more than otherwise would be the case while most of our hedging instruments would not receive any incremental offsetting gains.  In extreme situations, we may be forced to sell assets to maintain adequate liquidity, which could cause us to incur realized losses.
Credit Risk
We are exposed to credit risk related to our CRT and non-Agency investments, certain derivative transactions, and our collateral held by funding and derivative counterparties. We accept credit exposure at levels we deem prudent as an integral part of our investment and hedging strategy. We seek to manage this risk through prudent asset selection, pre-acquisition due diligence, post-acquisition performance monitoring, sale of assets where we have identified negative credit trends and the use of various types of credit enhancements. We may also use non-recourse financing, which limits our exposure to credit losses to the specific securities subject to the non-recourse financing. Our overall management of credit exposure may also include the use of credit default swaps or other financial derivatives that we believe are appropriate. Additionally, we may vary the percentage mix of our investments or our duration gap, when we believe credit performance is inversely correlated with changes in interest rates, in an effort to actively adjust our credit exposure and to improve the risk/return profile of our investment portfolio.
Our credit risk related to certain derivative transactions is largely mitigated through daily adjustments to collateral pledged based on changes in market value and we limit our counterparties to major financial institutions with acceptable credit ratings. There is no guarantee that our efforts to manage credit risk will be successful and we could suffer losses if credit performance is worse than our expectations or if economic conditions worsen.


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