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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form 10-Q on 08/03/2017
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Make any payment for purposes other than those described in the documents supporting the payment;
Submit or approve any expense report where you know or suspect that any portion of the underlying expenses were not incurred or are not accurate; or
Sign any documents believed to be inaccurate or untruthful.
AGNC people who exercise supervisory duties over our assets or records are expected to establish and implement appropriate internal controls over all areas of their responsibility. This will help ensure the safeguarding of AGNC’s assets and the accuracy of our financial records and reports. We have adopted and will continue to adopt various types of internal controls and procedures as required to meet internal needs and applicable laws and regulations. We expect you to follow these controls and procedures to the extent they apply to you, to assure the complete and accurate recording of all transactions.
Any accounting entries or adjustments that materially depart from generally accepted accounting principles must be approved by our Audit Committee and reported to our independent auditors. You must not interfere with or seek to influence improperly (directly or indirectly) the review or auditing of our financial records by our Audit Committee or independent auditors.
If you become aware of any questionable transaction or accounting practice concerning AGNC, our investments or our other assets, we expect you to report the matter immediately to our Chief Compliance Officer or to a member of our Audit Committee. In addition, we expect you to report all material off-balance-sheet transactions, arrangements and obligations, contingent or otherwise, and other AGNC relationships outside the ordinary course of business with unconsolidated entities or other persons that may have material current or future effects on our financial condition or results of operations to our Chief Compliance Officer or to a member of our Audit Committee.
Section F.2 of this Code describes the procedure for making these reports. You may also make an anonymous report under Section F.2 if you are not comfortable revealing your identity when making a report.
We are required under U.S. federal securities laws to provide the public with periodic disclosure regarding our business and financial condition (such as quarterly and annual reports and materials for our annual stockholders’ meeting). We provide additional disclosures to the public through our quarterly earnings calls and press releases and provide disclosures to our lenders and other credit providers through various means. All AGNC people who participate in the preparation or dissemination of these disclosures, or who provide information that they know may be used in the preparation of these disclosures, have a legal and ethical duty to ensure that the content of the disclosures is accurate, complete and timely.
We have created and will continue to create disclosure controls and procedures that are designed to ensure that all such disclosures are accurate, complete and timely. If you become aware that our disclosures are not accurate, complete and timely, or become aware of a transaction or development you believe may require disclosure, you should report the matter immediately to our Chief Compliance Officer or a member of the Audit Committee.
Certain types of documents and records (including, for example, e-mails) must be retained for specific periods of time, because of legal and regulatory requirements, or contractual obligations to our providers of capital or others. These periods of time, and the types of documents and records covered, may vary from time to time and will be announced as appropriate. We expect you to comply with the document retention requirements that apply to you. If you are working with these types of documents and records, or are uncertain whether the documents or records you are working with are subject to these retention requirements, please consult with your supervisor, a member of our Legal team or our Chief Compliance Officer.
Whenever you become aware that documents or records of any type may be required in connection with a lawsuit or government investigation, you must preserve all possibly relevant documents. This means that you must immediately stop disposing of or altering those documents pertaining to the subjects of the litigation or investigation, even if that activity is ordinary or routine. If you are uncertain whether documents or records under your control should be preserved because they might relate to a lawsuit or investigation, you should contact a member of our Legal team or our Chief Compliance Officer.

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