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SEC Filings

AGNC INVESTMENT CORP. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/07/2016
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stock of the Corporation, other securities of the Corporation or shares or other securities of any Successor are to be issued) and upon such terms and conditions as it may from time to time determine, subject only to the restrictions, limitations, conditions and requirements imposed by the General Corporation Law, other applicable laws and this Certificate of Incorporation.
Section 4.5    Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws. All persons who shall acquire stock in the Corporation shall acquire the same subject to the provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation and the By-laws of the Corporation (the "By-laws").
Section 5.1    Power of the Board of Directors. The business and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by or under the direction of its Board of Directors. In furtherance, and not in limitation, of the powers conferred by the General Corporation Law, the Board of Directors is expressly authorized to:
(a) adopt, amend, alter, change or repeal the By-laws; provided, however, that no By-laws hereafter adopted shall invalidate any prior act of the directors that was valid at the time such action was taken;
(b) determine the rights, powers, duties, rules and procedures that affect the power of the Board of Directors to manage and direct the business and affairs of the Corporation, including the power to designate and empower committees of the Board of Directors to elect, appoint and empower the officers and other agents of the Corporation, and to determine the time and place of, and the notice requirements for, Board meetings, as well as quorum and voting requirements for, and the manner of taking, Board action; and
(c) exercise all such powers and do all such acts as may be exercised or done by the Corporation, subject to the provisions of the General Corporation Law, this Certificate of Incorporation and the By-laws.
Section 5.2    Number of Directors. The number of directors constituting the Board of Directors shall be as specified in the By-laws of the Corporation.
Section 5.3    Classes, Election and Term. The directors shall be elected by the stockholders at each annual meeting of the stockholders for a one-year term. The term of all current directors will end at the 2009 annual meeting of stockholders. Commencing with the 2009 annual meeting of stockholders, each director shall hold office for a one-year term and until such director's successor shall have been duly elected and qualified.
Section 5.4    Vacancies. Any vacancies in the Board of Directors for any reason and any newly created directorships resulting by reason of any increase in the number of directors may be filled only by the Board of Directors, acting by a majority of the remaining directors then in office, although less than a quorum, or by a sole remaining director, and any directors so appointed shall hold office until the next annual election of directors and until their successors are duly elected and qualified.
Section 5.5    Removal of Directors. Except as may be provided in a resolution or resolutions providing for any class of Preferred Stock pursuant to Article IV hereof, with respect to any directors elected by the holders of such class, any director, or the entire Board of Directors, may be removed from office at any time with or without cause by the affirmative vote of the holders of at least sixty-six percent (66%) of the voting power of all of the shares of capital stock of the Corporation then entitled to vote generally in the election of directors, voting together as a single class.

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